Young Persons' Lecture Competition

This prestigious competition is aimed at young scientists and engineers in the disciplines of Materials, Minerals, Mining, Packaging, Clay Technology and Wood Science and they will be judged on their presentation skills, which include diction and enthusiasm, visual aids, handling of questions by the judges and technical content. 

This year’s competition was quite stiff and we are pleased to announce that Jean Potgieter, presentation titled “Effects of Compaction on Lateral Earth Pressure”, has been selected as our winner and will represent South Africa at the Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition in Brazil in October.  Jean is currently doing his Master’s degree in Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Pretoria.

The top positions went to the following:
·         2nd Place: Vicky van der Merwe of Sasol Synfuels Secunda. Wits University. Her presentation was titled “An evaluation of the thermal fatigue performance of three alloys for casting mould applications”
·         3rd Place: Yonela Mgwebi of Wits University.  Her presentation was titled “Behaviour of Ruthenium Laser Cladded 304L Stainless Steel in Carbonaceous Environments”

Our thanks go to Wits University for hosting the event as well as to the judges Professor Tony Paterson (Wits University), Dr Kathy Garde (Carst & Walker) and Wendy Knott-Craig (IOM3 Southern Africa).

2016 Jean  Potgieter Profile
Jean Potgieter, Winner of the 2017 IOM3 Young Persons' Lecture Competitio
2016 Top 3
Top 3 Left to Right
Vicky van der Merwe, Yonela Mgwebi and Jean Potgieter
2016 Judeges and Jean
The 3 judges and the winner:
Dr Kathy Garde, winner Jean Potgieter, Prof Tony Paterson, Wendy Knott-Craig
Name: Daniel Avutia, of SRK Consultants
Title of Lecture: Analytical study of sinkhole propogation in South Africa
General Comment: Daniel went on to represent South Africa in the World Competition in Ireland
2015 05 21-16-Daniel Avutia


ameRaphael Smith, from CapeRay Medical
Title of Lecture
The design, construction and testing of a hermetically sealed breast
                       platform for dual-modality mammography
General Comment: 
Raphael won the 2014 Young Persons' World Lecture Competition in Riverside, USA

2014 06 26-14-Raphael Smith2


Name: Cornelis van Niekerk from University of Pretoria
Title of Lecture: Novel technique for in-situ laser alloying of AISI 410L stainless steel
                           with nitrogen
during laser cladding
General Comment: Cornelis won the 2013 Young Persons' World Lecture Competition in Hong Kong

2013.10.31-59-Cornelis  his prizes