IOM3 Education reaches another milestone....

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Rubber Education and Training for All 
The IOM3, in partnership with Industry and Plastics|SA, has launched an initiative to create sustainable education and training for the Rubber Industry in South Africa. Specialist short courses have been registered with merSETA that can stand alone or be grouped together to create Learnerships at NQF levels 2 to 4.

The advantage of the structure of the course content is that every module qualifies for a merSETA grant and so you can get "some of your own back" from the skills development levy you pay each month.

By subscribing to the IOM3 Training Fund and the Workers Co-operative, mandated to educate and train future members of the Industry from currently unemployed persons, you can score BEE points for social responsibility and enterprise development.

The first cycle has begun with 8 students undergoing training.  
The partnership between the IOM3 and Plastics | SA to establish a sustainable education and training programme is now well underway. Read more here 
Education and Training Fund Vision and Mission Statement

Education and Training Fund Constitution